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Welcome to “Whatever Is…”.  In this blog I will try to focus on whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is noble, etc.  In other words, I won’t be just blogging on whatever comes to mind, but the focus will be on positive information.  I have noticed a void in information coming to my home, and I hope to fill that void for some of you.  Please let me know what you think about the things I bring up, and also let me know of topics that you would like to discuss.

The first topic is regarding the older generation and their usefulness.  I was reading a blog by Helen Philpot, an 85-year-old woman   http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/07/maverick-my-ass/   .  She said that John McCain is essentially too old to run the country and he should move out of the way so that Barack Obama (the younger man) could have his time in office.  What a shame!  and coming from an older woman too.  In the blog she talks about her husband watching  a lot of TV (his shows).  Unfortunately the older generation has been fooled into thinking that their time is over and the only thing they can do now is watch the world go by (on TV). 

This all reminds me of a story that I read to my kids called “The Law of Life” by Jack London .  The story is about Eskimoes, and the struggle that the young man had because it was time to leave his father out in the woods because he wasn’t useful anymore.  This was the custom of this tribe.  They lived as a group of people that moved from area to area during the seasons to be near a food source.  When people got old and “became a burden” on the others then it was time to go.  This meant giving a few pieces of meat to the elderly gentleman (that had to go), sitting him in front of a fire, packing their bags and leaving.  The elderly gentleman would eventually freeze to death when the fire went out, and then be eaten by wolves.  Is this what we think about the older generation, or can we, as Americans, realize that the experience and wisdom of the older generation is above value.  They have been through things that we have only heard about and their input is invaluable.  Helen is writing a blog and contributing to the conversation of the country.  That is wonderful.  We need more people like her that aren’t wasting their retirement days.  But it breaks my heart that even Helen thinks that the experience of older individuals is not as valuable as youth.

I am a 43-year-old woman.   I understand the world better now than when I was 20 something.  Although I thought I knew alot back then, it is only now that I know what I didn’t know then.  Maybe that is the problem with the older generation.  They know and understand that there is a lot that they don’t know.  But that is a better place to be than the younger generation that thinks they know a lot.  It is dangerous to think you know something, but in reality you don’t.  Only experience can teach you that.

In the end, I know that John McCain can do a much better job at running the country than Barack Obama because of his record.  Helen Philpot also said in her blog that John McCain kept talking about the past, and she said, essentially, to get over it because it is in the past.  I remember my kids watching “The Lion King” and at one point after the rightful king ran away from his duties thereby leaving his kingdom to be run by a ruthless dictator, he said to the lion that was sent to get him back that the past “didn’t matter anymore”, “leave the past behind you”.  Well that Lion King learned that the past is very important, and what happened in the past will dictate how you will react to the future.  To relate this to McCain and Obama:  I can know McCain through his long past record.  Looking at Obama’s record I have a lot of questions.  Actions always speak louder than words.

I do agree with Helen on one point, though.  I am not sure who won the debate either.  I am not sure that the ability to win a debate should be the reason to vote someone into the highest office in our country.  People need to do their own homework and find out about the person they are voting for.  I think that Helen was not paying attention to the fact that no one in the Republican arena wanted John McCain to win the primary because he didn’t tow the party line.  He tells it like it is and if he has to tell the Republicans that they are wrong, he will, as he has in the past.  Take a good look at the voting records of both candidates and don’t just listen to the media and their opinions.  Make up your own opinion after looking at the facts.  Facts are hard to come by during a campaign because everyone always plays up their good traits and plays up the opponents shortcomings, but we need facts nevertheless.  And we need the experience and wisdom of the older generation to help us remember those facts of the past.


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