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Have you ever heard of a physician/dentist  not getting paid because they used the wrong “code” when sending in a claim to the insurance company?  Have you ever heard of a physician or dentist waiting 3 months to be paid by an insurance company and considering this the “normal” amount of time to wait?  I have, and I don’t think it is fair!

I don’t know about you, but I like my chosen doctor and dentist and I would like them to get a fair wage at the time they do the service.  Why have we, as a country, allowed the insurance companies to bully us around so much?  It is time that we start looking at alternatives to insurance.  Let’s have a discussion of thinking outside the box and then call our Federal representatives with our ideas.  It seems like they are stuck in a rut because all they can think of is to nationalize our healthcare.  It seems like an easy fix, but easy is not always right or good.

We are a nation of individuals.  That is what has made our nation great in such a short time.   We need to be able to choose what type of healthcare is good for us.  We also need to be able to choose how best to pay for it.

When I go to the gas station, I can see exactly how much money I am going to pay for gas.  When I go to the grocery store, I can see just how much my milk, bread, pizza, eggs, etc. is going to cost.  When I buy an airline ticket on-line, I can see exactly how much my ticket will cost.  I can see the cost before I buy.  Healthcare is the only area where I cannot know the cost until after everything is done with.

I have learned that the hospitals, doctors, etc. charge based on who the customer is.  If the customer is a big insurance company they get the biggest discount.  If the customer is an individual with no insurance they get the smallest (if any) discount.  Certainly, when I have a health emergency I will not be checking the costs.  But most healthcare decisions are not emergencies.   If the consumer can know costs ahead of time they can decide which hospital based on the costs.  They can decide if the hospital that charges more is really worth it, or not.

If the government is going to make changes, I would ask that they mandate healthcare facilites to post their charges up front.  This may sound crazy to you.  If it does, then ask yourself “Why?”.  I think it is because we are not used to asking about the costs of healthcare, but we should.  We ask about the costs of everything else in our lives.  Once we know the costs, then we can look at how to pay for it.  Is insurance really doing what it is supposed to do?  What about discount plans like http://www.noinsurance.us  , where we make the decision with our provider instead of looking for an “o.k.” from an insurance company?

I threw out a few options, now let me know what you think . . .


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